Monday, November 5, 2012

Welcome to Eat • Write!

Thanks for checking out my new blog. Its name reflects two of my passions: cooking and writing about food.
I spent almost 20 years as a newspaper food editor, and my favorite part of the job was sharing information about ingredients, tools and techniques. Sure, I love to try new restaurants and to interview famous chefs, but day in and day out, the thing I enjoy most is interacting with home cooks.
That's because I'm a home cook myself. I didn't go to culinary school, although I've had the opportunity to watch more than a few chefs pass along their secrets. I don't stock up on expensive ingredients, but I'm careful about brands and try to buy quality products. I've accumulated a fair number of gadgets over the years, but I'm most likely to reach for my chef's knife and cutting board when it's time to make dinner, and I cook on a 20-year-old gas stove lacking any bells and whistles.
I love to cook and to bake, and the recipes on this blog will reflect that. I aim for healthful food with an occasional splurge, and when a recipe has a healthful option, I'll include that information. I like to experiment with cuisines from around the world, but mostly, I like foods that are packed with flavor.
I also love to share what I know about food writing. Whether you want to be a professional food writer, a food blogger or even compile a community cookbook, I can help. I'll be posting tips and hints that make your recipes easy to read and follow.
Please come back often to this blog to see what's new. And if you have a writing question or a recipe question, drop me a line at or leave a comment. I'll do my best to provide an answer.

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